Where’d You Go, Lorelai?

Maybe it’s a sign of my sad little cat lady life, or maybe it’s just a sign that I’m done with the world, but the best news I have had all month was the news that Gilmore Girls was coming to Netflix.

Before you dismiss me as just another would-be manic pixie dream girl (been there, done that, only nets you heartache, but that’s a tale for another day), rest assured. I have been raised on the finest of classic television and movies. My earliest memory is watching Seinfeld when I was three, at age five had seen all of Dead Poet’s Society, by age six I had sat through most of 1939’s golden year of filmmaking. But there’s nothing quite like Gilmore Girls.

You’ve heard about the fast talking. You’ve heard about the manic pop culture merry go round of conversation. You’ve heard about the epic theme song, how Melissa McCartney got her start, and about the dance episode. These are all true, but the thing that brings us back to Gilmore Girls isn’t all that. It’s the story of three generations of women, and how they interact.

Even in a perfect television show, people will find things to whine about. Lorelai might be bratty sometimes, and Rory might make mistakes. Sometimes Emily is evil, and sometimes the guys in the show are just dumb. No, they aren’t perfect, but if they were perfect, we’d all be complaining that they were too one-dimensional. Gilmore Girls is an example of how a masterpiece cannot possibly please everyone, and therefore an example for girls everywhere. Don’t worry about being perfect. Don’t worry about your coffee addiction. Don’t worry if you prefer to read oodles of unknown authors versus Gillian Flynn. Don’t worry if your high school boyfriend turns out to be completely and utterly boring, or if your college boyfriend turns out to be a self-absorbed jerk.

Just be yourself, the messy imperfect self you are, and don’t let anyone shame you for binge watching Gilmore Girls on your couch, wrapped in a heating pad, with the cat, (a bag of chocolate chips because you are out of candy), and two bottles of wine. Because that’s what I’m doing right now, and let me tell you, it feels great.


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