summer in the city…

Sunday was a day of adventures.
We went to Starbucks to wake up after church.
Then we went into the city where we found many amazing things.
like Cowgirl Creamery from California

and then we fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland
where we found orchids
and the patchwork girl from Oz.
after wandering through Wonderland, we found the arrow that showed us the way out

and Margo found dear Winston.
And I found dear e. e. cummings.

we paid our respects to our new President which made us happy.

And then I was startled by Mr. Lincoln. Doesn’t he have a nice kind face? 

We went on a scavenger hunt where we towered above the twelve year olds. Or would have towered if we were taller. 

And found giant butterflies floating in the air!

We asked the ghost of christmas future to tell us what our futures would be. (he said they would be very charming and not to worry about them)

and then on the way back we admired our feet on the metro.


2 thoughts on “summer in the city…

  1. What I wouldn’t give to be able to “explore” the city on a regular basis… I think I am a wee bit jealous of you two… In a good way, that is.


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