cute things on a Monday

Monday is here again to the shock and awe of my soul, which had gotten rather used to sleeping in and watching movies each night while eating sorbet and cheezits. Here are a few of the lovely things that get me from Monday to Monday.

ElePhantastic Pink

This nail polish color has jumped to the top of the list of favorites for me. Only two coats result in a beautiful glossy pink creme, and it adds little exclamation points to your outfit. I highly recommend this beautiful color.
Holly Golightly’s Sleeping Mask

I have used and loved this mask for over a year. Sleeping masks are essential when you are naturally a morning person who wakes up with the first rays of light but are not getting enough sleep due to stress and school and stress. Besides, I dreamt that I was Holly Golightly the other night. 

Words cannot express my feelings for this set. The other night I decided to try the exfoliating scrub on a whim, since it had been sitting on my counter for two weeks collecting dust. It does not smell very good, but it feels absolutely heavenly. There are real raspberry and blackberry seeds in it to exfoliate your skin to the utmost. I felt like a goddess. Everyone should try this at the end of a long week. It’s my new favoritest thing. 


These lovely little drinks come in beautiful little glass bottles that have the texture of an orange skin? Brilliant? Yes! And it is made of 12% juice, and 2% pulp, which is the perfect ratio of pulp to drink, don’t you think? Anyway, Orangina is amazing and I love love love it. 

Guittard’s Green Mint Chips
Guittard’s chocolate chips are wonderful, and I have lovely memories of my first introduction to Guittard’s chocolate chips one pink spring. The mint chips are the perfect companion to a variety of foods and drinks. Try them. You won’t regret it. 
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