Cute things on a Monday

Once again it is a Monday, the day of the week that needs extra cuteness to help us all survive.  

The first cute thing I would like to bring to your attention is this: 
This specially formulated lip gloss goes on your lips blue, but then turns the pink that best matches your emotions of the moment as determined by your body heat. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? If this twirls your curls, rush, don’t just run, to your nearest Sephora and snap it up before it’s gone!
Next on the list is Cricket Cola. First of all, the bottle cap reads “Twist for happiness.” How much better can it get??? And then the taste! Currently I am sipping the all natural pomegranate raspberry green tea flavor, and it is lovely and refreshing and tart without the biting sensation that some all natural sodas can have. On a scale of one to eleven I give this soda a nine. 
Who can’t use chocolate? And more importantly, who can’t use organic chocolate that incorporates ginger and chai into the creamy milk chocolate to create this bar of heaven that melts in your mouth and gives just enough shimmery crunch of ginger to tantalize your mouth and make you want another bite? This chocolate is absolutely amazing and makes my heart happy. Besides, Dagoba says on the wrapper that they are dedicated to “the art of chocolate alchemy” and so in every bar you are gaining a bit of chocolate magic! This bar is amazing, and available at Harris Teeter and at Whole Foods, because that is where I have bought them before. 
I have fallen in love with this mascara. Too Faced Lash Injection not only darkens and lengthens your eyelashes till it looks like you are blessed with amazingly long lashes every single day, but even more importantly, it does not clump! Clumping is the bane of every mascara, and I cannot tell you how many times I have struggled with combing out the lashes when they are refusing to cooperate and want to cling together in clumps. It is simply awful. But with the aid of Too Faced Lash Injection, clumps become a thing of the past and you are ready for the future and whatever lovely things it will bring!

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