autumn in the city means…

It is officially cold outside once more. I do not particularly enjoy the cold, however it is a fun opportunity to begin to accessorize with your life and add accents of brightness with fun scarves. I am a fan of scarves. Especially when you can use them to add punctuation to your conversation by whipping them about and using the tassels to great advantage. 

This brings up the question: can a girl have too many scarves?
My answer, is no. And to prove this, I will show an assortment of scarves that perhaps will put the bounce in your step despite the coldness outside. 
This lovely scarf comes from American Eagle. The benefits of this scarf are many. First of all, it is soft. Secondly, it is a lovely creamy color that will complement your complexion and also make your hair pop if you have a contrasting hair color. 

One thought on “autumn in the city means…

  1. Scarf are definitely the best part of winter, er autumn. Okay, winter in California. Someday soon though I am sure I will be happily pulling all mine out.


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