Happy dreams of sleepyness

Today I would like to sing the praises of kava tea. This remarkable tea is made by Yogi teas which come in the cutest packages ever with fun little exercises to do which always end in laughter because they are oh so strange. This tea is amazing. It makes you feel like softly melting ice cream and the taste of cinnamon is absolutely lovely because all of a sudden all you want to do is creep between the covers of your pink polka dot bed and sleep.

And that is why I am utilizing it as a method to help me stay happy in a world of ungodly hours. Classes should not end at 9:45. Think of the poor instructors who are usually aging individuals who need to get sleep. And think of the poor students who are used to waking up with the birds in the morning and not staying up with the owls at night. I am one of those students! And I am in rebellion of these hours.

So I am using kava tea. Because sipping this tea in the last half of class makes me all ready to fall asleep by the end of class time and suddenly I do not want to stay up and watch Scrubs but I want to fall asleep.

I love this tea. Also it gives you nice dreams of strange colors.


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