pink and green and white

“and both were quite wrong. what she liked was simply life.”

“it was a splendid morning, too. Like the pulse of a perfect heart, life struck straight through the streets.”

“she tapped her finger and nothing happened and she thought she had lost her magic, but it had only changed and it took her a while to figure it out.”

“as so often happens in Paris, spring arrived late and then, all at once, it was upon us. Before their leaves opened, the sober paulownia trees that dot the small parks and squares of the Left Bank suddenly exploded in showy violet flowers, like giant wisteria parasols, and the restaurants and brasseries along the narrow streets pushed every available table onto the sidewalk for the noonday meal. Flower vendors reappeared at some of the big intersections, and groups of tourists began again to poke their way down the ruelles, the alleys and tiny streets that surround the Sorbonne.”

“did they know, she asked, that they were surrounded by an enchanted garden? Light & trees & wonderful gleaming lakes & the sky. Just a few fairy lamps, she had said, in the back garden! but she was a magician!”

“does it seem reasonable that she should play so wonderfully, and live so quietly? i suspect that one day she will be wonderful in both. The water-tight compartments in her will break down, and music and life will mingle.”

“all those things which are not immense, but are worth the effort.”

Quotations taken from Mrs Dalloway, The Piano Shop in the Left Bank, A Room With A View, Storypeople, & The Legend of 1900.


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