i made myself sit through football games

All summer has been one big long lovely serenade by Frank Sinatra. I just love Frank Sinatra. I don’t care if he had disreputable affiliations with strange and varied groups. I just love his voice, and every time I hear him begin to sing it’s witchcraft all is forgiven.

But this morning I have been rambling around looking for new songs, and I have found all kinds of songs of cuteness today! First is the Puppini Sisters. I heard about them via NPR’s song of the day service which emails me about new songs every day, and last night I listened to their new song “Jilted” and was so happy to see all the cute outfits. It reminds me of the old Hollywood musicals with all the happy colors and complicated plotlines only instead of lasting for an hour and a half it only lasts five and a half minutes! They wear designer dresses, named their album after their favorite shade of lipstick, have the harmony of the Andrews Sisters, and make clever rhymes. What’s not to love?


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