Rosalind Russell. Part II

Last month I wrote a little bit about how amazing Rosalind Russell was. This month I find I simply must write more about how wonderful she continued to be. She is a paragon of brilliance for any girl to admire. Her career began in the thirties and she played many and varied characters, but she always put this energy of determination and gumption into whichever character she played.

And that is where Auntie Mame comes in. This character is perhaps the most glittering and fabulous character yet in Russell’s repertoire, and the happyness of this movie is unequaled. Watching it makes any girl want to be Auntie Mame. She throws herself unconditionally into whatever comes her way, whether acting or writing or climbing the Alps. And she does it with such style! Auntie Mame teaches a girl how to be unafraid to do whatever she likes, whether it be wearing glittering pants and a flowing brown dressing robe or changing her hair color from brunette to blonde to red to brunette again. Auntie Mame floats through life on pixie dust, and she is unafraid to be exactly who she is and to pursue exactly what she wants. She scatters pixie dust into the lives of everyone she meets, whether it be her nephew who is so fortunate as to lose his father and gain her as a guardian or the Southern oilman who falls head over heels for her. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she doesn’t care about what others think. Her only mantra is to live, for “life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.”


One thought on “Rosalind Russell. Part II

  1. I have never seen this movie you speak of, but it sounds like it has a thousand lessons for life. For everyone. Though I suspect this may be a girl movie. 🙂 I will still put it on the list.


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