A Warning of the Dangers of Caffeine



I was in desperate need of caffeine and it sounded like fun to get the Double Shot I had had with such success a few days earlier with the shot of Energy (which is completely natural and chock full of happiness!). But when the nice manager heard my plan he offered another one. Apparently they pull four shots of espresso, but only use three shots for a grande. He asked if I would prefer the fourth shot of espresso in my iced drink. But of course! So I ordered it without the extra shot of energy. And with mocha syrup instead of the naturally sweet syrup they used the other day.

the drink of doom

I didn’t feel anything at first, but in ten minutes I began giggling uncontrollably. About anything. And everything.

And then the shaking began to start. I couldn’t hold my hands still. Not to write, not to text, nothing.

And then my world began to spin and I felt awful! I had to go home early and sit down and try to eat something. I came home and wrote a whole page of eloquence for my 30 page monstrosity so something good came from the caffeine rush besides the lovely giggles.

But I have learned my lesson, and feel compelled to warn others, too. Be careful when playing with caffeine.


2 thoughts on “A Warning of the Dangers of Caffeine

  1. This sounds like a life lesson learned. 🙂My favorite part is the page of eloquence that came from it. What will Dr. B think? 🙂Thank you for the warning though, and I promise never to drink four shots at once based on your experience. And the fact that I don’t drink coffee to being with.


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