I don’t know how to put my feelings into words about this drink. Yesterday the barista tried to talk me into trying the iced double shot, but alas and alack! it was too late in the day for caffeine. But this morning Sarah serendipitously told me that she was trying it and that settled it. It was a day that screamed for caffeine to battle the forces of bad energy. Sometimes a girl requires something drastic, and today was the day for that.

“diamonds are a girl’s best friend

At first it didn’t seem that impressive. It was good, but it wasn’t wonderful. But then as the caffeine began to flow through my body and reach my soul I realized that this was an amazing drink. I felt like there was diamond energy coursing through my veins and suddenly all my senses were alive and I was flowing with these feelings of love for all of mankind no matter how crazy they are. I loved it! It was beautiful! I want it again! With an extra shot of energy!

And the color is simply beautiful. The beautiful dark richness of the liquid fades into the most lovely foam of happyness on the top that pops out of the lid. It was lovely!

The double shot over ice is for those who have a deep love of caffeine highs. When I got a second opinion the adjective used to describe the drink was “raunchy.” While it may not be raunchy, it is filled with energy and it is not shy about the caffeinated bliss hidden in the heavenly liquid. If you find yourself yawning around 11:37 then this is the perfect drink to liven up your day and make you laugh. But be careful. This drink loosens your tongue and reminds you of what is important in life.


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