If lattes were colors this one would be golden. Though at first I was hesitant about combining coffee and honey, it works! The happy-pink-barista told me all about it yesterday, so today I tried it. The honey takes the edge of the coffee, making it softer. There is a world of tastes and feelings and thoughts inside this latte. The hazelnut flavor gives it an earthy taste that reminds me of greens and browns, while the honey reminds me of golden happyness, like shared laughter on the phone with a friend who understands life.

It was a lovely experience, and I think everyone should try this golden latte at least once. The honey reminded me of a calming cup of tea, but combined with the coffee there was a feeling of excitement. The honey latte is one of excitement and laughter, like a carefree day of friends and sunshine and honeybees! Hurry and get it while you can. It was only around for a limited engagement.

I also had an encore drink! The happy-pink-barista was making this beautiful pink drink that looked like joy and frivolous laughter and I asked what it was. It was a shaken passion-tea-lemonade and she brought me this adorable little cup with a sample.

It was beautiful and happy and pink and tasted like the fourth of July! If you don’t like coffee and can’t have caffeine this is for you. It captures the decadent joy of Starbucks, yet you have none of the guilt!


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