frozen passion lemonade with-a-shot-of-energy

I realized last night that I have only been half living my life. By ordering the same drink time after time with only slight variations I was closing myself into a little part of life when I could be experiencing the whole of life with all the colors of a caffeinated rainbow. I was so excited. My new mission is to try each and every drink on Starbucks’ lengthy menu boards.

So this morning I went to my local Starbucks and told them of my desire to try something new. And the barista was so excited! His eyes brightened up and he began telling me of his new favorite drink that was only here for a very limited engagement. And that drink, my friends, was the frozen passion lemonade. Apparently you can also get it with green tea, but passion tea, as is well known, is pink, and that appealed to my soul this beautiful sunny morning. But suddenly my face fell as I remembered how tired I get without caffeine. But my new barista friend was undaunted, and proposed adding a shot of caffeine, and not just any caffeine, but caffeine fortified with B-vitamins! He whisked himself off to make my drink and it was love at first sight. This was the most beautiful pink frozen drink I had ever laid eyes on. And the taste! Oh my goodness! It was like summer and sunshine and swimming pools and multi-colored beach balls! And it had the utterly delightful faint taste of lemons while still remaining beautifully pink!

It is terrible that this drink is only here for such a limited engagement. I loved it and would totally get it again. Besides. It is pink!


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